Who Am I?

Hello and firstly, thank you for taking an interest in reading my blog. If you’ve clicked on this link, you’re probably wanting to know a bit about me to find out if I’m normal and interesting or a complete mad man who has lost the plot…I’m not the latter…I think.

For many years I never really got out of my comfort zone until about six years ago when I began to write and perform stand up comedy in the UK. I enjoyed those six years but then due to ill-health I had to step away from the late nights and constant travelling.

After six months of recuperation which meant lying in bed almost 24 hours a day, I was left with the feeling of ‘what now?’, so I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone again and travel to a far and distant land…the furthest I’d been on my own was…erm, nowhere. So I left on a two-week holiday to Thailand and fell in love with the place.

Having had to stop performing comedy and with no other ties holding me in London I decided to try to make a go of things and see if I could live in Thailand. And so here I am and this is my account of what I’m up to and what I’ll be doing.

Thanks for reading and I hope you follow this blog for more posts…my spelling may sometimes be wrong but I promise to always try to be funny and interesting.

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