The Street Art Of Bangkok 3

So, if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I have got quite into the street art scene in Bangkok – I would just like to say that this infatuation is getting worse…

I can honestly say that I think Bangkok is one of the worlds hidden gems for street art. Yes, that is a bold statement but look at the previous two posts if you havent seen them already and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about.

You can find them both Here and…Oh look…here!

And if you’re not tempted to click on the links above right away, I think you will be by the end of this post especially after you see the first piece of street art here…

By Bonus TMC

Regular readers of this blog will also know that I am not trying to pretend to be some kind of street art critic, unless you can call yourself a critic by just repeatedly saying ‘Wow’, ‘I love it’, ‘It’s so amazing’ and ‘fu**ing look at that!’ But…wow, f**ing look at that! This piece is by an artist that goes by the name of Bonus TMC who lives and works in Bangkok and specialises in animals, especially tigers. I saw one such tiger in Chiang Mai withouth knowing aything about him or his work which you can read about here – The Street Art Of Chiang Mai

The piece above seems to be of a dog or some kind of bear and I just adore it. It’s so simple, the colours are so simple and yet the whole thing jumps off the wall towards you. The animal is also wearing a snorkel and swimming mask, so not only can he shoot you with his pistols he’s also going to have a nice dip afterwards.

The next piece I know absolutely nothing about and I also took a rather terrible photo of it too (I’ll go back at some point and get a better one) but it’s so large and next to an overhanging bridge that it was hard to get a good shot…

Three Pieces For The Price Of One!

What a sight that is then, hey? I only know two things about this wall and the art on display – the first thing I know is that the piece on the bottom is by P7, an artist from Bangkok whose art appeared in a previous post about the street art of Bangkok (I’ll get you to click on those other links somehow!). The other two works I’m not sure about who drew them but they’re both fantastic in their individual ways but I particularly like the man on the right who has so many everyday things in his head that they’re spilling out all over the place…I think we can all identify with that feeling.

This next piece is by Thibaud Tchertchain, a French artist that now resides in Bangkok and well…it’s an octopuss!

By Thibaud Tchertchian

Again (surprise, surprise) I love this one but not just becuase of what the artist has done but what he hasn’t done – I also love it because the wall is so dirty. I don’t know why I like that aspect of it so much but maybe it’s a personal taste of what I want urban art to look like – not to hide the ‘canvas’ but to blend in with it and the colours used for the octopuss certainly blend in with the wall – crikey, do I sound like someone who knows what they’re talling about? (Don’t answer that!)

Next up on my journey to sound even more like I don’t know what I am talking about is this one…

By Frida

I’m going to imaginatevly call this one ‘Pots’ and I don’t think I need to explain why. It’s beautifully done and I love the little acid smiley faces on the pot to the left of the piece. It’s by and artist called Frida but the only Frida I can find is Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican artist who died in 1954…so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this isn’t one of her works…but it looks fantastic and I think the lady on the pot to the right of the piece could well be aforementioned Frida.

Even though this piece seems to be called ‘Life Machine’, I think I’ll call the next piece ‘Bicycles’…I can’t quite put my finger on why that titles jumps out at me but maybe you can tell and let me know…

‘Bicycles’ By Unknown

I’ve tried to find out who this is by but despite putting into the Google what I think are the correct letters on the work, I’m getting zilch, zero, nada. This is something that I’ve noticed with some street artists, they don’t write their name clearly on the piece, if at all…is there a reason for this? Is it supposed to be hard to find out who did it? Do they just have really bad hand writing so it was either be a street artist or a doctor (if you don’t understand this example I should make you aware that doctors in the UK are renowned for their unintelligable hand writing). I know this piece isn’t up with some of the others but the message is quite clear to me – use a bike more and live longer…I think…maybe it means that or…I dunno.

The next painting is…possibly made by someone on drugs…but the good kinds of drugs, not alcohol or paracetamol but the more ‘alternative’ and ‘mind expanding’ kind.

Mempa by Kashink

I have no idea what this two-eyed sex beast is all about but the sign he/she is making has a very particular meaning in the UK…I wonder if it means the same all over the world? If it does then…well done Kashink…

Kashink is a female street artist from Paris and none of the information I’ve found out about her suggests thats she is ‘under the influence’. I’m guessing this piece is titled Mampa, whatever that means (I’ve looked but can’t find anything…I do do research, you know?!), but I’m going to call it ‘Oral Fingers’

And lastly but by no means least a little piece I saw tucked away on the bottom corner of a wall…


I have no information about this but I think a peace sign is a good sign to sign off on today (I got the word sign into one sentence three times which either makes me an amazing writer or a truly awful one….I’ll let you decide)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the images – be certain that more like this will follow soon, Bangkok is teeming with street art and I’ve fallen in love with it!

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  1. I’m getting hooked on street art as well. Another great grouping… love that first one. And the octopus!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I can’t get enough of it. I’ve got 2 more blogs about it ready to go so hang in there, more is coming.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Fingers secretly crossed for more chickens…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re making where I live seem really boring. I’ve got this urge to go spray paint my neighbor’s house just to liven things up around here.

    I like the one with the bikes.

    Just curious – do you call vases pots? Because I would call those vases, but maybe pots is just British English for vases? Or, put another way, maybe vases is just American English for pots? Once again, the husband is not available, so I’m leaving it up to you to set me straight on this linguistic puzzle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why is your husband never available when we have these misunderstandings?! 😄 They probably are called vases here too but as you know I am a total rebel and badass and I don’t play by the rules so I call them pots.
      I am very much behind your decision to spray paint the neighbours house, I look forward to seeing the result!

      Liked by 1 person

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